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Silat - The Best Fighting Style for Self Defense

Silat is a one of popular self defense in Asia. It is considered as one of the best fighting style of self defense on the street. This is due to the effectiveness of strike to the target. It is an official martial art in Malaysia. Indeed this martial art has their own sports that known as Silat Olahraga (combat) and Silat Seni (performance). Parents send their kids to silat academy to learn this martial art for many purposed such as discipline, respect, bravery and the most important to learn self defense.

There are seven levels in silat training system. Each level is marks with the belt system (white, blue, brown, yellow, green, red, and black belt) to show the level of achievement succeeded by the students. Students are required to learn seven topics in every level. One of the silat disciplines that known as 'Buah Pukulan' is considered as the best training system in silat. This is because the topic majoring specifically to self defense. The students will learn to receive attack from different size, height and weight of opponent. They also will need to master on how to receive strikes from different angles and how to fight with more than one opponent.

The silat exponents will also learn on how to receive attacks with or without weapon. When the students achieved the red and black belts, they will learn how to fight and counter attack using weapons such as keris, machete, dagger, knife, stick and many more. Furthermore, the silat students will be equipped with psychology training on how to control their emotion when facing their enemy either in one on one or more than two opponents. The best way in self defense is to avoid any quarrel or fight. However, if the silat exponents cannot avoid the quarrel, they can choose either to face their opponent with two options;

1. The first option is to fight without hurting their opponents. This is because the purpose of learning silat is to avoid clashes. Fighting techniques without injure the opponents will give them an opportunity to apologize for their mistakes to start the fight. The best fighting style to be used is the avoiding technique. Usually, this technique will followed by counter attack to opponent weak limbs such as elbow, knee, shoulder and wrist.

2. The second option is to attack before being attacked. This method is used to fight with the armed opponents, or more than two peoples. This method would normally injure the opponent as an attack directed to the killer parts of the human body such as heart, ribs, stomach, eyes and neck.

Thus, it is not an easy decision for many silat experts to make in desperate situation. This is because the motto of learning silat is 'To Avoid the Fight Unless in Desperate Situation'. This is why silat is considered as the best fighting style because the students learn not only to fight the enemy, but also to use common sense even in desperate situation in order to avoid a fight.

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